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Amazing experiences in Saudi recently – Got to experience Riyadh a little – what a city! Too many things to blog about so I’ll post some pics of the city soon instead.


Got offered a commercial in Mumbai today for Garnier – nearly started rummaging around for my mozzie net and then realised the dates clashed with Saudi! Oh well – not a bad reason to turn it down! May be next time..


Incredible experience – not that I saw very much of Riyadh apart from in the dark but it was good. Excellent accommodation, delicious food, lovely people to work with and amazing flight! Off there again in a couple of weeks…..

Saudi Arabia – here I come!

It’s not every day I get the chance to go to Saudi Arabia on a job but today is the day! Spending 1 night and 2 days there in Riyadh. Very excited and a tad curious to say the least! Being flown in style…