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Royal Shakespeare Company

Good to work on the trailer of The Two Gentlemen of Verona recently. Lovely cast, sure to be a huge success.


REN’s latest campaign

To celebrate their 11th year in the beauty business, REN Skincare have launched their first short film- and it’s a raunchy one!
REN have stripped their latest campaign back to its very basics.
Shot by Vince Squibb to the track of ‘Down to the River to Pray’ …

Rankin shoots for ‘fishlove’

Really good fun to do the makeup for the second series of photos for fish love. Fish conservation is a huge subject and who better to photograph naked celebrities holding giant fish than Rankin. If you are keen to know more about sustainable and ethical …

Olympics commercial

Its not every day I get a call asking if I’d like to work on a commercial with one of the finest directors in the industry but last week I did. Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu is directing a HUGE commercial for the Olympics and I was …

‘Dove’ body language

I did the makeup for these lovely Dove ladies a while back – the app has now been launched – an innovative way to write someone a message. They also have a facebook group if you are interested in joining – just type in Dove …

Clarins for Glamour

Clarins – such a household name! I remember at school, people used to pull out their clarins spray and squirt themselves silly with that very recognisable scent! The shoot today wasn’t about that spray though. It was an eye cream and a day moisturiser and …


Worked with an amazing director the other day on a commercial for Nivea. Alistair Taylor-Young. What a talented man. The makeup was as expected – simple, clean and flawless and I had a gorgeous model to work on.

Head & Shoulders from way back!

It’s been a while that I worked on this shoot but have only just seen the image. Where does time go?? What a relief indeed! Photographed by

Head & Shoulders – the cold shoot

Part 2 of this head & shoulders shoot – a different studio, different temperature. I was in my coat and scarf until way beyond lunch time! My hands were so cold I was almost unable to apply makeup! HUGE studio, green screen – it was …

Head & Shoulders – the hot shoot

Just when you think you’ve worked in all the photographic studios in London, another one crops up on the call sheet that hasn’t yet been visited. I was excited to see it was in Farringdon – nice and central and easy to get to. The …